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  1. Mama

    Sara, So sorry to hear about the guinea pig. Sure he had a lovely life. Regards Mama.

    Goose Girl
    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. campbell ridge

    Yes same sentiment here. He has been poorly a little while so he was a fighter.

    Sarah L
    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. Omegaman

    I was really sorry to hear about this Sara. Knowing how you love and care for your pets and livestock, I am sure he had a very happy life.
    Kind regards

    Posted 9 years ago #
  4. Hi Mama, Sarah and Ken,
    Thank you for your kind words. Guiness will be missed. He was a gift from a special friend who was bought when I finished fulltime teaching. Guiness was 6 years old so he had done really well. Over the years he has seen the cats, quail and hens peering into his hut. He was always happy when he went in his run on the front lawn and could nibble at the grass.
    He was poorly a week or so ago and after going under the heat lamp seemed to improve and looked like his old self again.
    Thanks again.
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 9 years ago #
  5. anitopia

    only just managed to catch up as this past week has been a nightmare here but so sorry that your guinea friend has left you.

    Guiness was a good age and sounds like he had a great and rewarding life. ((hugs))

    Posted 9 years ago #

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