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Covey Of Wild Red Legged Partridges

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  1. Hi All, Got this email from Simon and thought it was interesting so wanted to share with you all.

    "Hi - I live on a small arable farm in Bedfordshire. Every year, we have great fun watching a covey of red-legged partridges and, in the summer, seeing their chicks. This year, we don't seem to have seen any chicks at all and the adults seem to be back in a small covey already (frequently seeing 5-6 birds adult together). Having looked up little bits of info on the Internet, this seems slightly odd behaviour - any thoughts or ideas much appreciated! I do fear that the eggs/ chicks have all been predated and that the covey (which was c. 25 birds strong in February) is much reduced. Though there's also a part of me hoping against hope that the covey I'm seeing is actually this year's chicks, grown up already! huge thanks Simon"

    Let me know your thoughts on this!
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Posted 9 years ago #
  2. sallie

    Hi Simon, sadly the eggs/chicks have probably been predated. After the hard winter I have been seeing more and more magpies and crows about probably because they fed well with all the small birds/mammals that died during that period. I know that most of our local sheep farmers had a terrible lambing this year with stillbirths, singletons and re=absorbtions so maybe the bird population has also suffered from lack of food leading to either infertile eggs or no eggs.
    Hope the partridges recover, redlegs need to flourish.

    Posted 9 years ago #

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