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normal or bullying

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  1. Henhet

    Hey, don't be so negative on the goats! I have recently got a lovely Anglo Nubian with kid and they are quite the sweetest and rewarding animal on our smallholding. We get about 4 pints of delicious milk from her a day and it is not 'goaty' at all, even my scathing 12 year old will drink it! She loves attention and comes running to you when you go in the field.
    Like with any animal you have to research needs first. An essential is a strong fence at least 4 foot high and we have have an electric tape round the top so she doesn't eat the neighbours hedge. The same could be said about pigs and even chickens if you are needing to contain them and you have not put suitable fencing or pens in place.
    They do not smell either. A Billy will smell in the mating season, but our goats do not smell at all.
    Anyway I'm off to eat my home made yoghurt(yum especially with some honey) having had my sandwich with goats cheese in and my tea with goats milk in. What a life! Thanks be to goats!

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. campbell ridge

    Your goats sound wonderful. It's great you have space for all the animals you have and are really enjoying their produce.
    The yogurt sounds delicious, do you make it and the cheese yourself? Do you need much equipment?

    Sarah L
    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. Henhet

    Yes it's great fun, with a bit of experimenting on the way. I tried making yoghurt without a machine but it didn't work, it's hard keeping it warm enough. So I bought a yoghurt maker, only £19, which works a treat. The cheese making you can do with very little equipment and just drain it in a cheesecloth, but I have got a couple of moulds that I use which makes them nice shapes and a slightly nicer texture. Hard cheese needs presses and seems a lot harder, so we stick to the soft. A bit of rennet, a starter, a thermometer and a skimmer. You can use shop bought milk for both too, so anyone can have a go!

    Posted 8 years ago #

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