Guinea Fowl Farming Facts and Figures

On a couple of occasions I have been asked about setting up a guinea fowl farm and guinea fowl breeding project. An excellent book for anyone thinking of raising or farming guinea fowl for the first time is Guinea Fowl Past & Present by Michael Roberts.

This book provides information about intensively rearing guinea fowl as well as free ranging guinea fowl and provides facts and figures such as these;

“Intensive indoor birds are kept for 2 months and their weight is approx 1.4 kilos or 3lbs. The free range birds are kept for about 3 months and reach a weight of approximately 1.9 kilos or 4lbs.”

However the Scottish Agricultural College website is also an excellent source of information about guinea fowl farming. This website states, “UK birds are killed at 9 weeks, when they have reached 1.75 – 2lb weight.”
The SAC also says that adlib feed works out at 4oz per adult guinea fowl.

If you would like to find out more about guinea fowl farming then please leave a comment or infact if you have experience of guinea fowl farming and breeding then it would be great to hear your experiences.

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Gardening with Guineas: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale