How Long Does It Take For Quail To Lay Fertile Eggs

How long does it take to lay fertile quail eggs is an excellent question and was asked by one of my regular readers and quail keepers, Junior.

“hi Sara

would the hen japenese quail dig out a nest of sawdust and share it with the male all day without eggs?

my quail or chickens havent been laying for 15days since one of my rabbits got killed by a camera is broke and I’m savin up 4 a new 1 but my button quail are feathery and out in the aiary already.
also how long does it take until they lay fertile eggs?

thanx so much”

Hi Junior,
Thanks for your comment.
I have some quail on sawdust and some on sandy soil. The ones on the sawdust tend to lay their eggs on top of the sawdust, whereas the quail on the sandy soil dig out a nest area.
Once the male and female quail start to mate then you will get fertile eggs. An indication that male quail are fertile is the foamball they have on their droppings. Eggs are usually fertile from about week 7/8 a week or two after the females start laying as long as they have had males in with them. It is a good idea to give the femal and males a week together after the hens have started to lay before you take the eggs for incubation.
I am sorry to hear that your camera is broken.
I look forward to hearing more about your quail.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

Quail are amazing birds that start laying at about 6 weeks of age and produce fertile eggs from about 7 weeks once they are mating with the male quail.