How To Tell The Difference Between A Duck And A Drake

From about 5 weeks of age it may be possible to tell the difference between a duck and a drake.

how would u know a duck from a drake i got them 8 weeks ago they are starting to get there feathers and I am curious to know. Marcella

Hi Marcella,
My ducks are coming up to 5 weeks old, so I should soon know myself whether I have ducks or drakes or both.
Apparently you may be able to tell the difference by their tail feathers and it is the male that has curling tail feathers. Some breeds of duck the male are more brightly coloured. Also some breeds show a different colour in their bills from about 6 weeks between the male and female, where the females is usually darker.
I believe that drakes usually have larger bodies and heads and a softer quack, whereas the female has a louder more distinctive quack. The distinction by call can be made from 5 weeks onwards.
I hope you find this information useful. Let me know what breed you have and how many males and females.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

I look forward to finding out the gender of my 7 khaki campbell ducks. I’ll let you know once I have found out!