Incubating, Hatching And Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook For Sale

Want to know the secrets of raising guinea fowl successfully?

‘Incubating, Hatching & Raising Guinea Fowl Keets‘ will tell you everything you need to know!

Incubating, hatching and raising guinea fowl, eBook


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Is Incubating, Hatching And Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook for you?


Yes, if you:

  • want to incubate successfully
  • want to understand common problems and learn what to do about them
  • feed growing keets correctly
  • get your guineas off to a healthy start in life

What’s  included …

  1. Introduction – Calling All Guinea Fowl Enthusiasts
  2. Deciding To Keep Guinea Fowl
  3. Reasons For Keeping Guinea Fowl – Why Keep Guinea Fowl?
  4. Ways To Start Rearing Guinea Fowl
  5. Incubating Guinea Fowl Eggs
  6. Incubator Hygiene
  7. Preparing The Incubator Before Incubating The Eggs
  8. Choosing Guinea Fowl Eggs For Incubation
  9. Storing Guinea Fowl Eggs Before Incubation
  10. Incubation Period
  11. Incubation Temperature
  12. Humidity Levels
  13. Wet Bulb Thermometer – What Is A Wet Bulb Thermometer?
  14. Final Day Of Egg Rotation
  15. Candling Eggs
  16. Hatching
  17. Reasons Why Fully Formed Keets May Not Hatch Out
  18. Reasons For Pipped Eggs But Keets Not Hatched
  19. Reasons For Eggs Hatching Late
  20. Reasons For Eggs Hatching Early
  21. Reasons For Poor Hatch Rate Or No Hatching Eggs In Incubator
  22. Calculating The Hatchability And Fertility Of Guinea Fowl Eggs
  23. Calculating Hatchability
  24. Calculating Fertility
  25. Calculating Hatch Rate
  26. Guinea Fowl Keets
  27. Keets Hatched In An Incubator
  28. The Brooder
  29. Location Of Brooder For Guinea Fowl Keets
  30. Brooder Temperature For Guinea Fowl Keets
  31. Litter Suitable For A Guinea Fowl Keet’s Brooder
  32. Drinkers For Guinea Fowl Keets
  33. Feeding Guinea Fowl Keets
  34. Brooder Hygiene
  35. Ailments, Illnesses and Diseases
  36. Guinea Fowl Keets Pasting Up
  37. Splayed Legs
  38. Coccidiosis
  39. Feather Picking And Cannibalism
  40. Taming Guinea Fowl Keets
  41. Development For Guinea Fowl Keets
  42. Raising Guinea Fowl From 6 – 8 Weeks Old




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Here in North Carolina USA my husband and I have hatched guinea  keets with an incubator. We’ve scoured the internet for information,  and your ebook is the best quality, most comprehensive information  we have found.
Thank you!


Hello Sara,
Down loaded your book with no problems thanks, loads of much required knowledge!
I have bought a pair of guineas recently who are lovely so it has inspired me to purchase some hatching eggs.


I got it, thank you so much, this is the best information about guineas I have ever been able to obtain, I wish I could of had this last year when I first got started, I learned mostly by error but this is so full of information, I just love it. Thanks alot, I would recommend this for any one starting to raise guineas, its a must to have.



“Yes, I have downloaded the e-book and have enjoyed reading your very well written and informative book.”



Buy now for £4.99.