Incubating Quail Eggs Without An Incubator

I was sent a comment asking about how to incubate quail eggs without an incubator.

There are a number of options:

  • Get the quail hens to hatch to sit and hatch the eggs.
  • Use a broody hen to hatch the egg.
  • Build your own incubator using recycled material.

“hi I would like to hatch my 16 japenese quail eggs from 3 of my 11 month hen quail and my 2 year old cock bird without an incubator any ideas and by the way you gotta cool site” Junior

Hi Junior,
Thanks for your complimentary comment and my site it is appreciated when I get feedback. You could try getting your three quail hens to sit on them. They can probably sit on 5 or 6 eggs. If you keep the eggs in the hut with them it encourages them to sit. If that is not an option then finding someone with a broody hen, perhaps a silkie hen or a bantam who can sit on the eggs and would make a good mother. You could also make your own incubator using a cardboard box, wood or a polystyrene box and a heat lamp and making your own wet bulb for the humidity. Check out these links:       

Hope this information is useful. Let me know how you get on.
Kind regards
Sara @ farmingfriends

If anyone has any handy hints and tips for hatching quail eggs without an incubator then please leave a comment.