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Quail Layers Mini Pellets

One of my readers nils, who is a quail breeder, emailed me some information about quail layers mini pellets which I thought was useful information.

“Hi all,

I am a quail breeder based in Hampshire and I wanted to let you know that  Quail Layers Mini Pellets are now available which are specifically made for quail.
These quail layers mini pellets can be purchased via Marriages however you have to check on their website to see who the nearest stockist is.

These quail pellets are not medicated as its for birds that are laying eggs.

The recommended feed guide for quail:

Chicken Crumb – 0 – 3 wks (but grind it for them for first couple of days)
Growers Pellets 3 – 6wks (Turkey are best as they have a high protein content of approx 22% but also once again not always available – only avail July to Dec as most suppliers stock them for turkeys)
Quail Layers Mini Pellets – 6wk onwards” Nils

Thanks Nils for this informtion about quail layers mini pellets.

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3 Responses to “Quail Layers Mini Pellets”

  1. Mark says:

    Whare can I buy quail pullet localy? I live in Portsmouth

    Many thanks

  2. sara says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for visiting the farmingfriends website and leaving your comment. I am afraid that
    I am from Yorkshire and not Hampshire. It is the person who sells quail mini pellets that
    is from Hampshire.

    I do sell qauil eggs through the post for hatching. I have fertile Japanese quail eggs. I
    sell 12 for £7 which includes postage and package.

    Kind regards

    Sara @ farmingfriends

  3. stuart benfield says:

    im looking to buy some quail egggs and i see your based in hampshire i live in portsmouth an dwas wondering do you sell your eggs from your farm? or do you only do buisness through the postal service

    many thanks