Sandy’s Guinea Fowl Start To Lay Eggs Across The Pond Too

My farmingfriend, Sandy from across the pond, has been emailing me about her guinea fowl and it is interesting that my guinea fowl in the UK have just started to lay at a day or two after Sandy’s.

I have one male for sure now, as the mating season obviously has begun!!! I believe the two outcasts are female and they all came from one box at the farm supply store. No way for me to know if they hatched on the same day. Three females for sure.

Today I went out looking for nests. I feel sure it’s about time for the guinea hens to find one. I do know that if I don’t find them….the creatures of the woods will. As mentioned before we have raccoons, fox, coyote, skunk, armadillo, possum, cats, and although I personally have not seen one, bears have been seen here. I would really like to get the eggs and place them in the hens nest in hopes one of them will decide to hatch them.

Sandy's First Guinea Fowl Egg

Sandy’s First Guinea Fowl Egg

It’s March 23 and found a nest. Yes, they are breaking up into smaller groups. One little guinea hen was missing when I threw bread out. Five came running at different intervals. Rarely at the same time anymore. Gathered the other hen eggs and went hunting. I walked right past her. About 20 foot past and she made a different noise. Turned around and walked on rocks to keep from stepping on her or her nest. Under a pine limb, (no protection what so ever) here she’d made an indention in the ground and was nesting. I will give her time to see if she’s just laying or if she thinks it’s time to be a mom. I hate to hurt her feelings, but without a doubt, she will not make it there. If there are eggs, how long do they survive until a hen decides to sit and hatch? Do they go bad after a few days, a week??? It’s been so long I can’t remember. My husband had to strap down the lid to keep the raccoons out of their food, as I told you earlier. He found the lid curled up on one side where the coons have pried it up to get at the food. It’s metal! YOU see why I don’t think that little guinea hen will be able to stop them if they want her eggs. She blended nicely with the pine cones. I am impressed with her ability to hide. Over the weekend a friend and my husband found a little newly hatched snake. The friend, much to my dismay, stomped it. It was done for, so brought it home to the guinea six. They all gathered around and looked at it, talked about it and walked off. I threw it into the hen coup and I really don’t think it hit the ground. Snake tar tare!!! Now I know who my snake hunters will be. Also while in Texas the hens dispatched baby rats too. I think they will do fine up here on Backbone Mountain.I have determined two of the six are boys. They both hitch their wings up, tip toe and dance sideways. You could put the moves to music easily. We are expecting rough weather tomorrow, tornadoes possible, heavy rains. My husband mentioned putting a cover over her. It would much easier to move the eggs, if they exist, to the hen house. As I said will go check on her in a little while and see if she’s just pretending or really nesting. Okay, my first egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t think she’s quite ready to nest with only one egg. I did move it to the hens nesting area in hopes…someone will decide to sit. Hope you have a good nights sleep as it is that time for you and that Tues. proves to be a good day. As always, anxious to hear from you. Will go to your web site and see what’s new.

Shalom Y’all


I love Sandy’s description of the the dancing male guinea fowl. Sandy has inspired me to video the guinea fowl and then add some music to it – watch out for the results. If you have guinea fowl and want to share your stories about your guinea fowl then please leave a comment.

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