Guineafowl Past & Present By Michael Roberts



Guineafowl Past & Present By Michael Roberts

Guineafowl Past & Present by Michael Roberts £9.00

This book includes new historical references, methods of keeping Crested and Vulturine guinea fowl, experiences of wild guinea fowl in Africa and keeping and rearing guinea fowl on a small scale. The book contains chapters on housing, breeding, sexing and large scale commercial rearing together with preparation and marketing. There are numerous colour photographs and illustrations including photographs of 18 different colour variations of domestic guinea fowl.

The book has chapters on:

  • History of Guinea Fowl.
  • Names of Guinea Fowl.
  • Origins and Types of Guinea fowl.
  • Letter from Zimbabwe.
  • Keeping Crested and Vulturine Guinea Fowl.
  • Keeping Guinea Fowl on a Small Scale.
  • Housing, Breeding and Artificial Insemination.
  • Eggs, Incubation, Hatching, Colour Breeding and Pinioning.
  • Sexing.
  • Commercial Rearing, Intensive and Free range, Capons.
  • Catching, Killing, Plucking, Evisceration, Trussing.
  • Packing and Labelling.
  • Marketing
  • Health, Diseases and Ailments.

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