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Modern Pheasant Rearing By Len Chappell

Modern Pheasant Rearing By Len Chappell

Modern Pheasant Rearing by Len Chappell £9.50

A guide to rearing pheasants including overwintering, incubation, catching, rearing and releasing, and chapters on diseases, construction of pens and costs. Fully illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams of pheasant rearing apparatus and pheasants throughout.

Price £9.50+P&P

2 Responses to “Modern Pheasant Rearing By Len Chappell”

  1. ray says:

    The best way of helping pheasants when nesting is to avoid the area if possible and keep any pets well away,
    pheasants brood for about 20 days and after that the young are taken from the area to feed and learn how to survive.

  2. Elly says:

    We have just found a nesting pheasant at the front of our bungalow on the gravel path to the front door – only 1 meter from the front lawn.
    I wondered what we can do to help it. We have no idea about pheasants – there are often pheasants walking around the back garden.

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