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Quail Past & Present By Michael Roberts

Quail Past & Present By Michael Roberts

Quail Past & Present By Michael Roberts £9.00

This book is all about Coturnix quail, with fascinating chapters on their history and domestication. There is detailed information about keeping quail not only for a hobby but also commercially, with 30 colour photographs including most of the colour variations in Coturnix quail and numerous black and white photographs and illustrations.

Price £9.00 + P&P.

2 Responses to “Quail Past & Present By Michael Roberts”

  1. E. Handunge says:

    I am interested in prodicing quail birds for meat , but I don’t have much information on the production. I want to know how many eggs can quail produce before hatching?

  2. I’m an 80-year old grandmother, knitting a mother quail sitting on her nest for my grandson…yes, knitting!

    My question is this: what do quail eggs look like? Colors, size, number in one nesting period? And what does the nest look like? We have a family of local mountain quail, the kind with the topknot, with two growing babies that we feed in our back yard in San Ramon, CA.

    Thanks for your help.

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