The Virgin Pig Keeper – A Pair Of Pigs In The Garden By David Brown

The Virgin Pig Keeper by David Brown

THE VIRGIN PIG KEEPER – A Pair of Pigs in the Garden By David Brown, illustrations by Eric Copeland £8.99+P&P

Thinking about keeping a couple of pigs? Then this book is just what you are looking for. Retired pig-breeder David Brown gives friendly expert advice that will inform and entertain the virgin pig keeper on every aspect of their new hobby.

He covers everything from

  • where to put them,
  • how to buy them,
  • feeding,
  • health and disease,
  • husbandry and stress,
  • and the end result,
  • how to make the best sausages you are ever likely to taste!
  • regulations involved,
  • history of keeping pigs,
  • and gives an insight into some of the disasters he has suffered during his many years of keeping his favourite animals.

The book is illustrated with amusing pencil drawings by Eric Copeland, that complement the dry humour of the text beautifully.

Price: £8.99 +P&P