Incubation At Home By Michael Roberts

Incubation At Home By Michael Roberts

Incubation At Home By Michael Roberts £9.00

This is a detailed book about using small incubators and most of the problems encountered using them. There are chapters on different types of incubators, preparation for incubation such as cleaning and sterilisation, thermometers, humidity, collection and storage of eggs, candling, hatching, sexing and rearing plus a chapter on “where did I go wrong?” Packed full of information, mainly first hand too! Lots of illustrations and photographs.

Now reprinted with more colour photographs.

Price £9.00 + P&P.

2 thoughts on “Incubation At Home By Michael Roberts

  1. Hi Fred,
    Thanks for taking the time to give your views on dry hatching, they are very interesting and useful and it’s always good to hear from experience how to do things.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  2. i have always dry hatched quail/pheasant/chickens /ducks due to watching others. to much moisture after hatching can make your birds very sick. while still in the egg itself i dont really see how moisture would benefit your chicks. if you do use water in the incubator you should discontinue at least a day before placing your chicks in an outside environment.

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