Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear

Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear

Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear £6.95

This book covers everything from choosing a house to selecting, buying and caring for hens. Over 90 breeds are illustrated, many in colour. Feeding, breeding, eggs and seasonal care are discussed, as well as dealing with problems should they occur.

Written in a clear and concise way – an ideal introduction.

List of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Are chickens for you?
  • What do chickens need?
  • History of the chicken
  • The house and run
  • Fencing and predators
  • Choosing a breed
  • Illustrated description of the breeds
  • Buying the birds
  • Feeding
  • Daily and seasonal care
  • What to do with all those eggs
  • Breeding your own replacements
  • Showing
  • Dealing with problems
  • Quirky questions
  • References and further information
  • Index

Comprehensive help for all those who wish to keep chickens on a small scale.

Price £6.95 + P&P.

4 thoughts on “Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear

  1. Hi Sara,

    I have a problem.
    Six weeks ago I had two of my baby chicks hatch. A male Buff Orpington and a female Millefleur Pekin Bantam. They were sat on my shoulder two nights ago and Fish (Orpington) pecked out my earing and swallowed it. I can now feel it in the vent of the chick but am scared it may be stuck in it’s intestines. Is there anything I can do? The earing is just below the vent and I can feel the sharp tip at the slightest touch. I know most farmers would cull to put it out of it’s misery, but Fish and Fleck are just family pets and we wouldn’t dare kill them. I even tell my mum of for mentioning anything like roast chicken! Please help.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Hi Mopsa,
    Thanks for this will add you to list on the post about which is your favourite breed of hen/chicken.
    Thanks for visiting. I love your website.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

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