Ducks And Geese At Home By Michael Roberts

Ducks And Geese At Home By Michael Roberts

Duck And Geese At Home By Michael Roberts £7.50

If you are wanting to keep a few ducks or geese, this is the book for you. There are chapters on the different breeds, marketing ducks and geese, breeding, different methods of keeping ducks and geese, hatching and rearing, general management, exhibition and diseases and ailments.

Price £7.50 + P&P.

9 thoughts on “Ducks And Geese At Home By Michael Roberts

  1. i have a touluse goose that is always comeing in my backyard! i can’t tell wether it’s male or female? it has and orange beak, grey wings and a grey back, it’s stomach is white and his face is grey with and orage outline on it’s eyes.
    girl or boy?

  2. Hi, we have a mallard/call duck we have been taking care of since it was a week old..We kinds saved her from crazy ppl going to kill it. She lives in the house and hangs out with, the dog, cat and her don’t get duaghter and I..My question and just curious if keeping her from a group of ducks will make her sad, or is she just happy and fine with her human family? She is 6 months old and this is the end of August, winter will be coming soon and I am just wondering if I should try to find her a home with other ducks? What would make her happier? Any advise? Thanks Becky

  3. Hi Robin,
    Sorry to hear your gosling is poorly. There is some feed back here where you posted on the forum

    Does the gosling stretch his neck over his back? If so it could be botulism The vet would give the goose an injection if it’s this. If it is botulism you need to move fast as there is a high risk of mortality.

    Could the gosling have had too much sun as they can get heat stroke, staggers or heat stress which makes them and they stagger about and necks sway all over and they are unsteady and fall over, if it is this then he needs to be cooled down quickly use a wet towel and place near a cool air fan so that they cool down.

    I have read this link What are you feeding the gosling, is the goose getting enough protein in their feed?

    Hope the goose is ok soon, keep us posted.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  4. I have a baby toulouse goose who is about a month old. All of a sudden he is falling on his back and can’t right himself. Can someone help me? I love my baby goose very much and am extremely concerned. He also appears to be “butt” heavy. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. I have 7 ( all alive) Mini Appleyard duck eggs that will be hatching in about 10 days. I plan on keeping 2 hens and one drake as pets / egg producers. My question is, being there will be a drake present, does that mean there is more likelihood of eggs with red spots on the yolk? Or is that avoided by collecting right away and refridgerating them?

    A comment on the Salmonella questions- I am a Serv Safe Certified Chef and would recommend to all that you just be sure and cook ALL eggs throughly as heat kills the Salmonella and when wiping up as previously stated I would suggest using a bleach water solution ( a capful of bleach to a gallon of water ) to kill any bacteria that may be on the surfaces.

  6. Hi, I,m a Smallholder and am interested in buying 2 Breeding pairs(4No) of Embden Geese, can you put me in touch with any breeders local to Barnsley, South Yorkshire please.

  7. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for visiting farmingfriends and leaving your comment. You can make a home-made incubator if you don’t have a broody hen/goose to sit on the egg.
    Here’s a link for incubating goose eggs
    A goose egg needs to be kept at a temperature of 99.5 degrees fahrenheit and the incubation period for Canada Geese eggs is 35 days. You will need to turn the egg 3/4 times a day.
    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Sara @ farmingfriends

  8. I just rescued a canada goose egg from a Cob Mute Swan. The Canada goose had laid the egg a few days ago and it was in the middle of an OLD Mute Swan nest from last year. Well the Mute decided he want the area back and ran the goose off and began building his nest and shuved the egg out in the open today. I have it and would love to save the egg and future goose. Any tips since I do not have an incubation equipment?
    I really need help soon!

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