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Starting With Ducks By Katie Thear

Starting With Duck By Katie Thear

Starting With Ducks By Katie Thear £7.95

This book discusses domestic and ornamental breeds for the beginner. Full of practical tips, it provides information on how to set up a small unit, managing ponds and streams.

List of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • About the duck
  • Origin, classification and types
  • Access to water
  • Housing, fencing and predators
  • Breeds – domestic and ornamental
  • Illustrated description of breeds
  • Buying stock
  • Feeding
  • Eggs
  • Breeding, rearing and sexing
  • Table ducks
  • Showing
  • Health
  • Daily and seasonal care
  • Ducks miscellany
  • References and further information
  • Index

Covers all aspects of keeping, breeding and rearing ducks.

Price £7.95 +P&P.

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