Signs Of Deer On The Farm

My husband and neighbours who walk up the lane will often say they have seen deer on or around our farm. Unfortunately I rarely see a deer. In fact in five years of living here, I think I have only had about 5 sightings.

A Deer In Neighbouring Field

A Deer In Neighbouring Field

There are a number of signs to indicate that deer are in the area:

  • Footprints in soft ground. Deer are cloven-hooved like sheep and goats; the size of the print depends on the species and age of the animal. The pointed end of the print is the front of the hoof and indicates the direction the deer was walking.
  • Fresh droppings are also a sign that deer are near. Their dung is made up of brown or black pellets the size of peas.
  • Ragged edges on leaves as the deer graze the leaves.
  • Scarred tree bark where the male deer have rubbed their heads against trees and bushes, leaving the bark frayed and bush damaged.
  • Antlers are shed once a year, so if you are very lucky you may find one or even a pair.

Have you seen any deer near where you live?

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