Arable Crops Glossary

Arable Crops Definitions Arable Farming – The production of crops. Barley – A cereal crop grown mainly for malting and as an animal feed. Biodiesel – Fuel that has been produced using crops. Blight – A potato disease. Buteric Silage – Silage that is too wet and does not ferment properly. Canola – The American … Read more

Potato Varieties Grown On The Farm

There are many varieties of potatoes which are grown for different reasons. Soilman asked, “What varieties do you grow?” The potato varieties we have grown on the farm over the years are: Hermes – these potatoes have been grown for a merchant that sells the potatoes for crisping. King Edward – these potatoes have been sold to the public for … Read more

Barley Harvest Completed

  The barley has been successfully harvested this year and the grain is safely stored in the new grain store.   Our Winter barley had a good harvest but the Spring barley was more difficult this year.

Oilseed Rape Harvest

The oilseed rape harvest is approaching here on the farm. Normally the crop is ‘swathed’. This is where a machine cuts the crop and lays it back down on the ground in rows with the seed pods intact. The rape is swathed approximately 2 weeks before the combine harvester comes along and picks up the … Read more

Planting Potatoes

March and April is always potato planting time on our farm. We normally finish planting the seed potatoes by Good Friday so that my husband can participate in the Good Friday tradition in our area – watching the rugby in our local town. Planting Seed Potatoes Planting Seed Potatoes Planting Seed Potatoes This year the … Read more