Saddlebacks Painted As A Gift

Saddleback Sows In WatercolourI recently left my teaching career after 12 years to spend more time working on the farm and building up a speciality egg business. It was strange leaving the school where I got my first job, but the time was right and I have been extremely busy since leaving.

I do miss seeing all my friends although I was overwhelmed at the gifts I was given by the staff. My friend Sarah painted my Saddleback sows Cagney and Lacy. I think she did this from memory or else she snook round when I wasn’t in to get a peek at the girls.

When Sarah gave me this gift my eyes filled up as this was such a personal and thoughtful gift. Sarah obviously realised how much my animals mean to me, infact I think the whole staff realised because the “Happy Book” they presented me with that included fond farewell messages and poems, predominantly mentioned the animals I would be looking after. I didn’t realise just how much I’d spoken about guinea fowl and pigs until I read my “Happy BooK! ”

A Gift From Weetabix

In celebration of 75 years of Weetabix, the company held a competition back in September for farmers to create a crop art sculpture using wheat bales.

Although our wheat bale tractor did not win one of the cash prizes of £3000, we were sent two boxes of weetabix in the post.

I am very impressed with weetabix as they made us feel that our entry was really appreciated even though we did not win. Not only did they phone us to say that we were not successful but they also sent a letter thanking us for our entry and then they sent the gift.

So thanks weetabix – not only did you run an enjoyable competition but you took the time to show the farmers who entered the competition that you appreciated their efforts.

A Study Of Bottles In Art

Over the last few months I have been going to art class but unfortunately the classes have now finished for the Summer.

During the last few weeks of the course I completed a large piece of art work. The subject was an arrangement of blue glass bottles. Here is my finished art work.

Bottles Art Work In Pencil

As you can see I drew the bottles in pencil and added the light and shade also using my pencil. The only colour used was for the background which was created using blue water colour paint.

I also painted another picture of a different arrangement of bottles in the last art lesson.

Bottles Painted Using Cardboard

Here I applied blue, black and white oil paints using a piece of cardboard. I really enjoyed creating this piece of art work and would never have believed that you could get results like this using cardboard.

I am really pleased that bottles were the subject of our art lessons during the last few weeks of the course. The reason is because we are always finding bottles that have been buried on the farm and I can now apply the art skills I have learnt on my course to draw and paint the bottles found on my farm. Watch this space for more bottle art work.