Tree Of Happiness Award

I am delighted to receive the Tree Of Happiness Award from Louise over at This Is My Patch. The rules are to list six things (I’m going to list eight things as I don’t want to leave any out) which make you happy, and the animals on my farm make me happy so I will introduce you … Read more

An Excellent Blog Award

I am thrilled and honoured to say that Dragonstar has awarded farmingfriends with an award – the Excellent Blog Award. It is very nice when someone lets you know that they like what you write about, so thanks Dragonstar, I really appreciate this award. As I read so many excellent blogs I am going to … Read more

A True Blue Award

True Blue AwardI am so pleased to have been given this award by my new blogging pal Dragonstar. I don’t know what I have done to deserve it but I am thrilled and honoured, so thank you Dragonstar. Here are a few of my blogging pals that I think are True Blue blogging pals as they have all … Read more

Blogging For Positive Global Change Award

On Monday when I arrived home from teaching, I switched the computer on to find that Charlotte Hume, the writer of The Great Big Vegetable Challenge, had nominated me for a Blogging For Positive Global Change Award. The award was originally created by Climate of Our Future to recognise bloggers who “are trying to build … Read more