What To Do With Beetroot

If you have a glut of beetroot and don’t know what to do with it then here are a few suggestions: Boiled beetroot. Roast beetroot. Pickled Beetroot. Jellied Beetroot. Grated raw beetroot in a salad. Make beetroot hummus. Beetroot soup. Caramelised beetroot. Beetroot juice. Beetroot chutney. Thinly sliced beetroot fried to make beetroot crisps. Let … Read more

Caramelised Beetroot

Made caramelised beetroot to accompany beef burgers, mash, carrots and sugar snap peas and it was delicious, so thought I would share the recipe. Ingredients 1 large beetroot 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 tablesppoon of balsamic vinegar Olive oil Method Peel and cut up the beetroot into about 8 pieces. Boil the water. Place beetroot … Read more

Pickled Beetroot

I enjoy growing beetroot and have had some success with it over the last few years and even the floods in June have not deterred the beet from growing. One way of preserving the beetroot season is by pickling the beetroot and this is quite simple to do. Pickling Beetroot Ingredients For Pickling Beetroot Beetroot Vinegar … Read more