Swallow Chicks Fledge

Last weekend there were five swallow chicks in  a swallows nest in the mill house. The parents had been busily flying in and out of the mill house to feed them. On Saturday morning the chicks were resting on the roof truss in the mill house before they fledged over the weekend. All this week … Read more

The Claro Tree Sparrow Project

David at treesparrow.com has initiated a project in the Claro area of North Yorkshire to place 300 nest boxes for Tree Sparrows throughout the area. The project is very keen to hear from the farming and rural communities if they see Tree Sparrows on their land or in their gardens.  Their website has plenty of helpful information … Read more

Barn Owl Hunting

At about 5pm tonight I saw a barn owl flying across our neighbouring field then over the lane and into another field. The barn owl was hunting. The bird flew along the ditches and hedgerows and then at times hovered and then swooped down. I did have my camera and got one photograph of the … Read more


The Chaffinch Latin Name: Fringilla coelebs. Description: The male chaffinch has a bright pink breast and a brown back. The rump and tail are an olive colour and the crown is a slate blue colour. The female chaffinch has similar colouring but is a little duller than the male. Both the male and female have … Read more