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New Book Launched By Cattleman Andy Frazier Called The Right Colour

| July 16, 2011

The Right Colour (a novel about a cow) by Andy Frazier Andy Frazier has been writing books for two years now, from his base in South West France. He started life farming with his father and brother at Coningswick farm in the English Midlands, which in those days specialised in quality beef and pork. After [...]

Katie Thear Books On Keeping Poultry

| August 31, 2010

Here at farmingfriends we are a fan of  Katie Thear’s books on keeping poultry and home incubation. Katie Thear, who sadly died earlier this year, wrote 22 non fiction books about smallholding and keeping poultry and livestock. Katie wrote from first hand experience and her books are packed with tips and advice for the smallholder [...]

Book Review – Chickens, Mules And Two Old Fools By Victoria Twead

| December 12, 2009

I recently bought myself the book Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools by Victoria Twead after I came across Victoria on twitter and had exchanged a few communications relating to Spain where Victoria now resides and where the book is set. I love reading and this book is a perfect gift for a book worm, [...]

Books About Chickens

| November 26, 2009

Farming Friends is delighted to announce that we now have books about chickens in stock. If you are a hen enthusiast, if you keep chickens and hens or are thinking of keeping hens and chickens then Chickens At Home by Michael Roberts or Starting With Chickens by Katie Thear are books that are sure to [...]

Books About Quail

| November 15, 2009

Farming Friends is delighted to announce that we now have books about quail in stock. If you are a quail enthusiast, if you keep quail or are thinking of keeping quail then Quail Past & Present by Michael Roberts or Keeping Quail by Katie Thear are books that are sure to delight and inform you.

Poultry & Pig Books For Sale

| November 11, 2009

I am delighted to announce the launch of the Farming Friends shop with poultry and pig books for sale. Check out the Farming Friends shop. The following books are for sale in the Farming Friends shop: Books By Katie Thear: Keeping Quail by Katie Thear £7.95 Starting With Chickens By Katie Thear £6.95 Incubation: A [...]

The Foodies Books By Joanne Roach

| September 13, 2009

As a former teacher and now a farmer’s wife and farmer/smallholder myself, I love books that are fun but still manage to educate children about food, animals or farming. I was delighted to come across The Foodies set of books written by Joanne Roach. “The Foodies Books are a series of 12 illustrated stories for [...]

Organic Places To Stay UK And Ireland – A Book By Linda Moss

| April 16, 2009

Do you farm organic, garden organic, eat organic or just believe in the principles of organic? If so then have you thought of holidaying organic? I was recently introduced to the work of Linda Moss by my good farmingfriend Helene over at Countryside Connection. Linda has written a book about organic places to stay in [...]

Incubating, Hatching And Raising Guinea Fowl Keets eBook Coming Soon

| February 21, 2009

I have recently been busy writing an eBook on Incubating, Hatching  & Raising Guinea Fowl Keets. I am just proof reading the eBook and it will be ready to buy very soon. If you are interested in purchasing this eBook then leave a comment and I’ll email you when the eBook is released.

Favourite Egg Recipes Book

| December 8, 2008

An excellent book for those who love eating eggs or those of you that have your own chickens and ducks and need new recipes for all your surplus eggs is the Favourite Egg Recipe book. I bought this book at the weekend and we have already tried one of the recipes, duchess eggs which I’d [...]