Do Keets Hatched By Guinea Hen Need Warmth From A Brooder?

I have been asked by a Incubating & Hatching Guinea Fowl Keets eBook customer if keets hatched by a guinea fowl will still need to go into a brooder for warmth. Yes, I have 3 guinea fowl. 1 girl and 2 boys. I’ve had them since they were 12 weeks and though fairly skittish, they’re … Read more

Day Old Quail Chicks In Brooder

At Monday tea-time the quail chicks were moved from the incubator to the brooder. There are 29 quail chicks in the brooder and some are dark brown a few are a fawn colouring and one or two are creamy coloured. The chicks are very lively and quickly found the chick crumbs and started eating them, … Read more

New Guinea Fowl Keets For MeliaMary

One of my regular forum members MeliaMary from Australia¬†has just been sent 25 new guinea fowl keets. Here are the photos of the guinea fowl brooder with lamp, the guinea fowl keets arrival and day one and two activities from the brooder. You will see the keets eating, huddled together, becoming curious and finally eating … Read more