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Brooder Temperatures For Ducklings

| May 12, 2011

In the farmingfriends forum we have been asked about brooder temperatures for ducklings. the temp in his brooder is about 93 degrees F. Is that good? or should it be different? Badoodle If the duckling is moving away from the heat lamp, is laying down alot and panting then the temp is prob too high, [...]

Brooder Litter For Chicks, Ducklings and Keets

| March 4, 2010

I have received this tip and advice about litter for a brooder. “The safest, most comfortable ,most hygienic, most chick friendly and cheapest litter for a brooder is clean chopped straw. All you need is a small bale of straw and your lawnmower (with it’s collection bag on if possible). Lay straw on a clean,dry [...]

Brooder Temperatures For Quail

| October 19, 2008

Here are approximate brooder temperatures for quail at different ages. The brooder temperature for newly hatched quail  and within the first week needs to be at 95 -100 degrees F (about 35 degrees c). By week two the temperature in the brooder can be reduced to 90 degrees F (32 degrees C). Into week three the [...]

Litter Suitable For Brooders

| May 9, 2007

A litter material is placed on the floor in the brooder to help insulate the floor for the birds comfort and to absorb moisture. Litter also helps control disease and can prevent splayed legs which chicks and keets can easily suffer from if the correct flooring is not provided. Suitable litter materials include; Wood shavings. [...]

Brooder Temperature For Guinea Fowl Keets

| May 9, 2007

Guinea fowl keets require heat in the brooder for the first 6-8 weeks after hatching and then the heat can usually be turned off after 6-8 weeks depending on the conditions where the brooder is located and the number of birds in the brooder. For guinea fowl keets the brooder temperature should start at about [...]