Broody Hens Can Feather Pick

Broody hens can feather pick when they are sitting on the nest so don’t be alarmed. They will sometimes pluck the feathers from their breast to line the nest and also to transfer their body heat to the egg more efficiently.

Broody Hen Deserts Eggs To Sit On Hatchling

Does anyone have any advice for Pauline whose broody hen has hatched on of the duck eggs and then dserted the rest to sit on the duckling? Just found your site and it seems ideal. I have had 7 duck eggs under a broody hen and on Wednesday (the 28th day)the first hatched. Against all … Read more

Broody Hen Or Incubator For Hatching Eggs?

“Why exactly do so many more people choose the broody hen over the incubator?” This comment was left by Megan (thanks Megan) and I thought that it was an interesting question. More people choose to use a broody hen because the success rate with the hen is usually better than with the incubator. The broody … Read more

Broody Hens

What is a Broody Hen? A broody hen is a hen that has decided to sit on her nest (with or without eggs) and will not leave the nest at all. The term broody means having maternal instincts that make the hen want to hatch her eggs. Problems Broody hens can, if left sitting in a … Read more