Charolais Cross Bull Calf Born

A charolais cross bull calf was born on the farm yesterday. The calf has a lovely natured limousin mother and the father is a charolais bull.

The cow needed to be helped with the birth as the calf was a large bull calf and was taking some time to come out, so the farmer’s helped the calf and cow along with the calving process.

A calving stick is used to help pull the calf out. Two sets of ropes are added to the calf’s feet and then added to the calving stick and then the ratchet on the calving stick is manoveured up and down until the calf is pulled out of the cow.

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

The temperatures were below zero on the day the calf was born so the photos show the calf just after he was borning and steam is coming off his hot body.

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

Charolais Cross Bull Calf Just Born

The calf was bottle fed the first night as he hadn’t got up but the calf is now standing and suckling well.

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Calf Born & Cow Aggressive

Cow number 32 had a calf in the early hours of Wednesday morning. When I went out at 7am the calf was standing and looked like it had been born for some time.

Charolais Calf

Charolais Calf

It didn’t take me long to realise this was a newborn calf as the cow was very protective and acting in an aggressive manner when anyone went near the fold yard gates. The calf is a heifer calf and is strong and getting lots of milk.

Charolais cow and newborn calf

Charolais cow and newborn calf

We moved the cow and calf into the calving pen for the first few days so that the calf has plenty of room and isn’t knocked about by the other cows.

Today (Sunday) we tagged the calf and have moved the cow and calf back into the fold yard. I had to keep my distance as cow 32 really doesn’t like me and whilst she is generally a bit of a bad tempered cow she is even more so when I am about!

When 32 went back into the fold yard with her calf, some of the other cows started fighting with her as they have been separated for a few days and need to re-establish the pecking order! There was alot of hoof scuffing along the floor and head butting each other but they have now settled down thankfully.

The calf didn’t seem to be phased by the move and the fighting. she is quite a big calf and lively and so is able to get out of the way if needs be.

Saler Cross Calf Born

A calf was born at the weekend to one of our black saler cows. The calf is a heifer and is a real beauty. She has a lovely black nose and a grey tinge to her coat as she is a saler, charolais cross, having parents who are a saler cow and charolais bull. The calving went well and the heifer is extremely fit and healthy. She was up and suckling within minutes of the birth. A real sight to behold. I will post a photo of the calf in the next few days.

Calf Born

Calving of our beef cattle herd normally occurs during February and March, however in 2006 we introduced a new bull who was quite young. It took some time for our cows to get in calf and the result has been calves being born throughout the year. Our reliable Charolais bull had to be replaced as he had got an abscess on his stomach which kept re-appearing. It was a shame to lose this bull as he was a very gentle yet experienced bull. Our new bull is also very gentle and good to deal with.

December’s Charolais calfIn November three calves were born and one has been born in December so far. This month’s calf is a Charolais heifer calf – seen in the picture only a few hours old.

Lucky for us the cows have calved during the day and not in the middle of the night when the temperature drops and nobody really wants to get out of bed to check if the cow is calving!

Jigsaw Puzzle – Charolais Cow & Calf

Here is one of our Charolais cows with her calf, click on the picture to jumble up the jigsaw puzzle.

How long did it take you to solve the jigsaw puzzle? It took me 4 minutes and 9 seconds!