Cat Fight Abcess

My cat Stripe had a bad wound just near his tail recently which has been weeping abit in the last few days. My friend Sallie said to watch out for an abcess forming, so I have been reading up on cat fight abcesses. An abscess is where pus and fluid form where the cat has … Read more

Are Farm Cats Healthy Or Prone To Illness

I was asked by Tim @ Field Day if farm cats are healthy or prone to illness. Everyone at work tells me off for talking about my cats so much – but it sounds like you’re every bit as much a cat lover as me! I always thought that farm cats tended to be healthy … Read more

Causes Of Cat Leg Injuries

There are many different causes of leg injuries in cats. Traffic accidents. A fall from a high location. An infected bite wound. A deep cut on the paw. A burn on the paw. A fractured claw. A damaged or infected nailbed. Arthritis. Hip dysplasia. Thrombosis. A lame cat may not always be obvious as they … Read more