Defra Encourages Farmers To Report Bovine Abortions & Premature Calving

I have just been reading in Defra’s  Farming Link magazine that Great Britain has been officially free of brucellosis since 1985.

Brucellosis of cattle, also known as contagious abortion and Bangs disease, is caused by an infection with the bacterium Brucella abortus. This bacterium not only affects cattle, but also sheep, goats and pigs. Brucellosis infection of cattle causes abortion, premature calving of recently infected animals, most often between the fifth and eight month of pregancy and infertility.

Defra are encouraging farmers to monitor their cattle and to report any bovine abortions or premature calving that takes place less than 271 days after service to their vet.

Symptoms Of Liver Fluke In Cattle

As well as damaging the liver of the cattle, liver fluke can reduce milk production in dairy cattle and lower feed conversion rates in beef cattle.

Principle signs of liver fluke in cattle are:

  • Gradual loss of condition.
  • Progressive weight loss.
  • Reduction in milk yields.
  • Bottlejaw.
  • Abdominal swelling.
  • Animals may become jaundiced.
  • Cattle reluctant to move any distance.

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