The Bull

The bull has been separated from the rest of the cows to try to stop the bull from serving the cows that are coming into cycle. We have segregated the bull in order to try to get all the cows calving at a similar time as this year we have had calves born throughout the year. … Read more

Unpredictable Saler Cow

One of our Saler cross cows, who I call One Ear, as she has a floppy ear, is a bit unpredictable and when she is in calf or has just had a calf, no one can go anywhere near her. This year she was due to calve late so we put her out in the … Read more

Charolais Cattle Eating Silage

During Autumn and Winter the Charolais cattle are kept in the fold yard and are fed silage twice a day. Here is a video clip of the Charolais cows and bull eating the silage. It is interesting to note that the bull is at the front end of the trough and this is where he … Read more

Differences Between Holstein And Friesian Cattle

Some people can’t tell the friesian and holstein cattle breeds apart but the holsteins have more white and the friesians more black traditionally and the holsteins are smaller I believe than the friesians. Friesians are a bonnier animal than an Holstein, which is bred for as much milk as possible and is a thinner leggier … Read more

Saler Cross Calf Born

A calf was born at the weekend to one of our black saler cows. The calf is a heifer and is a real beauty. She has a lovely black nose and a grey tinge to her coat as she is a saler, charolais cross, having parents who are a saler cow and charolais bull. The … Read more

Temperament Of Charolais Cattle

Charolais cattle have been bred and reared on our farm for nearly 50 years as they are a large fast growing breed of beef cattle. TBird asked about the temperament of Charolais cattle. What kind of temperament do your cattle have. My husband thinks Charolais are famous for a not-so-great temperament. We raise Hereford/Angus cross. … Read more

Photo Hunt : Theme Wooden

There are lots of wooden objects and buildings on the farm but one of the most important wooden objects for a livestock farm are the feed troughs. These feed troughs are in the fold yard and are used by the beef cattle. The cattle get barley, fodder beet, potatoes or silage in these troughs depending … Read more

Dexter Cattle In South Africa

I received this comment from Eric about his Dexter herd in South Africa. I thought the comment was very interesting. I have been breeding Dexters on the harsh South African Highveld for over 33 years. I run a small herd, split into reds, blacks and commercial of about 250 females. They are remarkable animals. I … Read more

Calf Born

Calving of our beef cattle herd normally occurs during February and March, however in 2006 we introduced a new bull who was quite young. It took some time for our cows to get in calf and the result has been calves being born throughout the year. Our reliable Charolais bull had to be replaced as … Read more

Guest Appearance – Cow Watching By Paula

Locks Park Farm is a small organic farm in Devon, with sheep and beef cattle. Paula farms Locks Park Farm with her family and also writes very interesting, informative and entertaining posts all about life on her farm which I thoroughly enjoy reading. I am thrilled that Paula decided to appear on my guest appearance spot. Read this fascinating account of … Read more