Farming Story – The Runaway Bullock

My husband’s family have lived in our village for many years and his grandparents were often seen at key events, so as the new farmer’s wife I felt it was my duty to continue with the family tradition of attending the village functions. The harvest festival service at the church was to be my first public appearance, however … Read more Farming Story – The Runaway Bullock

Cattle Breeds Native To The United Kingdom

We have cattle on our farm, however all the breeds we keep – charolais, limousin, blonde d’aquitaine and saler are originally from abroad. This got me thinking about which cattle breeds are native to the United Kingom? Cattle breeds native to the United Kingdom Aberdeen Angus Ayrshire Blue Grey British White Dexter Galloway Guernsey Hereford Highland … Read more Cattle Breeds Native To The United Kingdom

Cow Penpal

Farming Friends Cow Penpal is a penpal scheme that enables the penpal recipient to learn about cows in an interesting way. At a cost of only £12 the Farming Friends Cow Penpal will receive; An introductory letter from the cow penpal. A photograph of the cow penpal. A birthday card from the cow penpal. A Christmas card from the cow penpal.   Buy the Farming Friends Cow Penpal for yourself … Read more Cow Penpal

Pigeon Chick & ‘Hoofed’ It

This afternoon’s activities where disrupted by an almighty noise which came from the herd of cows in the fold yard. The bellows and snorts that could be heard, suggested that they were not happy. I thought that the guinea fowl had decided to foolishly venture into the fold yard to antagonise the cattle, as they like to do … Read more Pigeon Chick & ‘Hoofed’ It

Cattle and Guinea Fowl Do Not Mix!

Cattle and guinea fowl do not really mix well together. I first realised this last year when my housework was interrupted by an awful lot of squawking. Picture the scene….. Farmer’s wife with feather duster in hand, poised and ready to dust, when suddenly the tranquil calm was disturbed by the machine gunner noise of … Read more Cattle and Guinea Fowl Do Not Mix!