Calves Born On The Farm

This morning at about 6.00am a Charolais heifer calf was born to Number 28 Charolais cow. Then this afternoon a Limousin cross bull calf was born to a Limousin Cross cow. Here is a video of the cows and calves. The Charolais calf is suckling after about 4 hours and the mother is very protective … Read more

Charolais Cattle Eating Silage

During Autumn and Winter the Charolais cattle are kept in the fold yard and are fed silage twice a day. Here is a video clip of the Charolais cows and bull eating the silage. It is interesting to note that the bull is at the front end of the trough and this is where he … Read more

Temperament Of Charolais Cattle

Charolais cattle have been bred and reared on our farm for nearly 50 years as they are a large fast growing breed of beef cattle. TBird asked about the temperament of Charolais cattle. What kind of temperament do your cattle have. My husband thinks Charolais are famous for a not-so-great temperament. We raise Hereford/Angus cross. … Read more

Calf Born

Calving of our beef cattle herd normally occurs during February and March, however in 2006 we introduced a new bull who was quite young. It took some time for our cows to get in calf and the result has been calves being born throughout the year. Our reliable Charolais bull had to be replaced as … Read more

A Charolais Cow Calving

Watch the video clip of the charolais cow calving and the immediate minutes after the birth. When one of our cows is near to calving, we move the cow into the calving pen so that she has more room away from the other cows. Up to four hours before the birth, the cow can usually … Read more