Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Here is a Zucchini Muffin Recipe sent in by Helene of  Countryside Connection and Once Upon A Pine. Helene has also includedwith the recipe recommendations for healthier / dietary substitutions as well as changes she has adopted over the years. The original recipe has been provided with subsitutions and changes noted in brackets. Helene says, … Read more

Parsnip And Apple Soup Recipe From Cally At Country Gate

I love making soup both as a light lunch in Spring and Summer or as a Winter warmer in the colder months. I was delighted when I received a recipe from Cally Smart of www.countrygate.co.uk and www.countrygategardens.co.uk I was introduced to Cally via the Countryside Connection website. Cally runs the Country Gate relocation company which … Read more

Farming Friends Featured In The Countryside Connection Newsletter

Farming Friends is delighted to be featured in this month’s (February 2009) Countryside Connection Newsletter. Countryside Connection is a North Yorkshire based community of rural businesses from all over the UK and the US, who work together to connect and promote their businesses through the Countryside Connection Website.  You will find a network of  B+B’s, pubs, hotels, craft, farms, food … Read more