Cattle Go Out To Graze

This week the cattle have left the fold yard and have gone out to graze, no more silage and fodder beet for them but lovely green grass to eat! The cattle first went out onThursday and came in at night for the first two nights as we had a cow to inject with antibiotics due … Read more

Symptoms Of Liver Fluke In Cattle

As well as damaging the liver of the cattle, liver fluke can reduce milk production in dairy cattle and lower feed conversion rates in beef cattle. Principle signs of liver fluke in cattle are: Gradual loss of condition. Progressive weight loss. Reduction in milk yields. Bottlejaw. Abdominal swelling. Animals may become jaundiced. Cattle reluctant to … Read more

Heifers Move To Fold Yard For The Winter

We have had 10 heifers grazing in the paddock and back field all Summer and today we moved them indoors for the Winter. The heifers will be wormed in the next few days a standard practice afer spending the Summer months grazing the fields. One of the heifers has stiff back legs so we have … Read more

When Do Farmers Prefer Their Cows To Calve?

When do farmer’s prefer their cows to calve? We prefer to calve our herd of beef cattle cows after the end of February and through Spring. Dear Sara, I am conducting some research and wonder if you might be able to help. Can you tell me when do farmers generally prefer their cows to calf … Read more

Calves Born On The Farm

This morning at about 6.00am a Charolais heifer calf was born to Number 28 Charolais cow. Then this afternoon a Limousin cross bull calf was born to a Limousin Cross cow. Here is a video of the cows and calves. The Charolais calf is suckling after about 4 hours and the mother is very protective … Read more

Unpredictable Saler Cow

One of our Saler cross cows, who I call One Ear, as she has a floppy ear, is a bit unpredictable and when she is in calf or has just had a calf, no one can go anywhere near her. This year she was due to calve late so we put her out in the … Read more

Guest Appearance – Cow Watching By Paula

Locks Park Farm is a small organic farm in Devon, with sheep and beef cattle. Paula farms Locks Park Farm with her family and also writes very interesting, informative and entertaining posts all about life on her farm which I thoroughly enjoy reading. I am thrilled that Paula decided to appear on my guest appearance spot. Read this fascinating account of … Read more