Arable Crops Glossary

Arable Crops Definitions

  • Arable Farming – The production of crops.
  • Barley – A cereal crop grown mainly for malting and as an animal feed.
  • Biodiesel – Fuel that has been produced using crops.
  • Blight – A potato disease.
  • Buteric Silage – Silage that is too wet and does not ferment properly.
  • Canola – The American name for oilseed rape, an arable crop grown for the extraction of oil from the seeds.
  • Chlorophyll – The green pigment in leaves.
  • Chloroplasts – The leaf cells in plants.
  • CO2 – The chemical formula for Carbon Dioxide.
  • Dehusked – To remove the outer layer on grain.
  • H2O – The chemical formula for Water.
  • Hay – A mature grass that has been cut and allowed to dry in the field.
  • O2 – The chemical formula for Oxygen.
  • Oats – A cereal crop grown for animal feed and for cereal foods for human consumption.
  • Oilseed Rape – An arable crop, also known as canola, grown for the extraction of oil from the seeds.
  • Photosynthesis – The food making process of a plant which takes place in the leaf.
  • Potato Cyst Nematode – A soil borne pest that affects the potato crop.
  • Potatoes – An arable crop and root vegetable grown for human consumption.
  • Silage – Grass that has been preserved by pickling rather than drying.
  • Wheat – A cereal crop grown for animal feed and for the production of flour.

Potato Varieties Grown On The Farm

There are many varieties of potatoes which are grown for different reasons.

Soilman asked, “What varieties do you grow?”

The potato varieties we have grown on the farm over the years are:

  • Hermes – these potatoes have been grown for a merchant that sells the potatoes for crisping.
  • King Edward – these potatoes have been sold to the public for consumption as mash, chips or roast potatoes.
  • Cara – these are table potatoes and have been sold to the public.
  • Russet Burbank – these potatoes were grown to make chips.
  • Cultra – these potatoes were grown for the table.
  • Record – these potatoes have been grown for making crisps.
  • Estima – these table potatoes have been sold to the public.
  • Desiree – these are potatoes that are grown for the table.

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