Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 05/03/09

Well the days seem to be busy here on the farm for me at the moment. Cats – Stripe is limping but well in himself. The ginger ferral cat is about at the moment and really spooks out my cats when it comes around. Cattle – All well with the cattle at the moment. The … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 26/02/09

Cats – Stripe was much better this morning but is still limping. The young ferral cat was around at feeding time tonight. I think my five cats are a little intimidated by the ferral cat. Fluffy really doesn’t tolerate Stripe so he has to keep his head down. I make sure that stripe gets plenty to … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 24/02/09

Steve and I have been for a walk before dusk to check that there isn’t an injured badger in the field hedgerows as I was worried that one of the badgers that I caught fighting in our garden the other morning (2 am!) might have been injured. Cats – Stripe is still limping but he … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 23/02/09

The day strated extra early with my rude awakening with two badgers fighting in the garden at 2am. Cats – Stripe was missing this morning but then I found him curled up in the straw keeping out of the way. He was near the cat bowls but didn’t come when I called so he is … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 22/02/09

Cats – Stripe is having abit of difficulty walking and is not moving very quickly when he does come for some food. I have spent alot of time with him today to make sure he is comfortable and that Fluffy does not pester him as Fluffy doesn’t seem to like Stripe. Cattle – The cattle … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 21/02/09

The orchard looks pretty at the moment with the snowdrops and Winter aconites growing. I have also seen my first Spring crocus – it is a beautiful deep purple crocus. I saw a pair of bullfinches as well this morning. Cats – Stripe is still under the weather and limping abit. This morning he came to … Read more