Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 03/01/09

Today has been a cold day. Cats -It looks like Stripe has definately gone. I hope he has found a new home and has not had all his nine lives! He will be sorely missed. Cattle – During the Winter the cattle are fed fodder beet and silage twice a day. Ducks – Only got … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 02/01/09

My cold is beginning to clear now and I just seem to have a cough.  Cats – Stripe has not returned. I have had a look around the farm but can’t find him. I am hoping he has just wandered off for a few days as he is sick of Fluffy chasing him away. I will … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 01/01/09

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2009 is happy, healthy and prosperous.  Cats – Stripe is still missing, although I thought I heard his maiowing this afternoon, but he didn’t turn up, although Fluffy was on the prowl and Stripe and Fluffy are no longer getting on. Cattle – I noticed today that the bull … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 31/12/08

I have had the flu all over Christmas and I am just beginning to feel better so it has not been so bad doing the livestock chores. Cats – Stripe is still missing. Hope he turns up soon. Spot is getting more and more friendly. Cattle – My husband has been feeding the cattle on … Read more