Farmhouse Breakfast Week 23rd – 29th January 2011

I just wanted to let you know that the Farmhouse Breakfast week is between 23rd and 29th January 2011.

The theme for Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2011 urges people to Shake Up Their Wake Up by eating a healthy balanced breakfast every day.

Lots of breakfast events will be taking place between 23rd – 29th January 2011 and you can find out more at

So how will you shake up your breakfast during farmhouse breakfast week? Let us know what you do!

Busy Day On The Farm

Had a really busy day here on the farm getting ready for a weekend away.

I have moved the sows and piglets from the farrowing barn into their normal pig barn and mucked out two pig barns and moved the seven gilts.

I have given both poultry huts a Spring clean with lots of new straw and all their feed pots are full up.

Taken egg turner out of the incubator. Quail eggs are due to hatch Sunday!

I have also made a delivery of quail eggs to Langlands farmshop.

Reading this back it doesn’t sound like I have done that much but, let me tell you it feels like I’ve done alot!

I am leaving my father-in-law in charge of the animals so I have been getting everything ready for him so that it makes the job of feeding the animals easier.

I am going for a bath in a minute then bed, well after I have written instructions for feeding and given the tiny piglets some more milk!

Guinea Fowl Start Laying – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 26/03/09

Well how exciting or should I say eggciting! Sorry couldn’t resist. The farmingfriends guinea fowl have now officially started to lay eggs this season. Yesterday I collected eggs from the hut and there was a small mis-shapen egg with guinea fowl colouring and I thought it was a guinea fowl egg but not certain. Today I found a guinea fowl egg on the lawn.

Cats – Well all of the cats except Snowy and Stripe have had the sniffles. The ferral tom cat is only young and doesn’t seem well at the moment and I think he has passed it onto Fluffy, Spot and Snowball although the three of them are on the mend.

Cattle – The calf has continued to be treated and seems ok but keeping a close eye on it.

Ducks – Got 6 lovely clean duck eggs this morning. I moved the nests in the hut as I thought the old nests had mites and the ducks have instantly moved to the new nest sites. Clever ducks!

Guinea Fowl One guinea fowl egg collected today on the lawn! Some of the females are lingering near their newly scratched out nest sites so more eggs on the way!

Guinea Pig – Guiness has settled well in the aviary although I haven’t let him run around with the quail yet. Will do at the weekend.

Hens – No hen eggs in the hut this morning. Wonder where they are laying their eggs? None in the pig barn either.

Pigs – Well Cagney and Lacy still haven’t farrowed yet although they do have more milk so shouldn’t be too much longer!

Quail – Got 2 quail eggs from the aviary and am storing them for incubation, infact may even see if I can egg some quail to sit on them – exciting. A few of the quail in the barn are often broody. I think that I might set up the little hospital cage as a nest area. I might put some pebbles in first to encourage one of them to sit.

Other Farming Activities – Muck spreading and drilling still going on.

Calving In The Night – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 22/03/09

Well Sunday started early for Steve and I today as we were arriving home from a meal at friends at about 1am this morning when I went out to check the pigs only to find a cow was beginning to calve. We managed to get the cow in the calving pen and after a struggle to get the ropes on the calves feet we managed to calve the cow. I am getting good at holding the calving stick. Fortunately the pigs didn’t farrow so we headed to bed about 3 am.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there!

I cut some lovely daffodils for my mum and my sister before Ispent the day with the family having a lovely meal.

So what’s been happening on the farm.

Cats – Spot is unwell and sneezing quite abit.

Cattle – The calf is doing well. Got some heifers into a pen for easy laoding in the monring as they will be going to market.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning as usual. The ducks enjoy lounging about in the orchard.

Guinea Fowl – Diana, the pearl guinea fowl hen and one of the other guinea fowl have stared to loiter in the nesting areas that the guinea fowl are digging out. Hopefully guinea fowl eggs will soon be here.

Guinea Pig – Guiness seems to be ok in the aviary although I haven’t let him have a run about just yet as I wanted to get him settled in the environment first before introducing him to the quail!

Hens – All the hens are well and I got 3 eggs today.

Pigs – No piglets just yet although the sows are beginning to get more milk.

Quail – The quail in the big barn are all doing well and one of the quail hens with a bad prolapse which I had kept in the nursing cage so that the others didn’t nibble and cut the quail is now better and back with the others.

Other FArming Activities – Lots of DVDs sold today and ploughing and drilling still going on.

Aviary Cleaning & Red Mites – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 21/03/09

Well what a beautiful day it has been, the sun has been shinging and it’s like a Summer’s day. It has also been another busy day on the farm.

Cats – Spots limp seems ok but he is now sneezing like Fluffy was. I hope they haven’t caught anything from the ferral cat or got a cold!

Cattle – We have another calf showing signs of pneumonia, which is being treated, so fingers crossed for the poorly calf.

Ducks – Got another 6 duck eggs today. The ducks have been lazing in the shade today, what a life!

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl have taken to walking the length of the field hedgerow every morning and then up the lane in the afternoon before returning to the paddock and then their hut.

Guinea Pig – I put Guiness in the Summer run today on the grass and he enjoyed nibbling the grass in the sunshine. Whilst he was out of his hut I took the opportunity to clean his hut out and then move it to the quail aviary. He didn’t seem phased when I put him back in the hut in the aviary!

Hens – Got a couple of hen eggs today. I added some fresh straw to the poultry hut and cleared some straw out of the hut and noticed that there were some red mites so I have sprinkled lice powder in the hut.

Pigs – Still no piglets, but the feeding, watering and mucking out of the pigs twice daily still goes on!

Quail – Cleaned out the aviary and put fresh sawdust in. The quail were not phased at all by the addition of the guinea pig hut in their aviary. I have noticed that the males are leaving foamball droppings which signifies the start of the mating season for the quail which is good as I have some friends who would like some quail chicks for their grandaughter.

Other Farming Activities – Ploughing and drilling still going on.

Busy Times – Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 20/03/09

Well I am sorry that I haven’t had a chance to post a daily farm update for a while but life on the farm is very busy.

Cats – I am pleased to say that Stripe has made a full recovery with his injured leg without a visit to the vets, which is probably a relief to Stripe, me and the vet! On Thursday morning Spot appeared with an injured leg but it does seem to be on the mend. Fluffy has also been sneezing and I wondered if he had a blade of grass up his nose but couldn’t see anything. After two days I haven’t heard anymore sneezing from him.

Cattle – We have had some poorly calves, this time with pneumonia and one of the calves died which was terrible, even though the calf had been treated with medication.

Ducks – The ducks are still laying well, infact I get 6 eggs without fail each day.

Guinea fowl – Still no guinea fowl eggs but some of the males are chasing each other and squaring up to one another so mating season is imminent!

Guinea Pig – Still haven’t moved the guinea pig hut to the quail aviary.

Hens – Found a nest of hen eggs on top of the hay bales when I climbed up the other day to get the guinea fowl down that had flown up! There were 10 eggs in the nest.

Pigs – The sows, Cagney and Lacy still haven’t had their litters yet and the 7 young gilts are growing fast.

Quail – The quail are laying well and last week I sold out of quail eggs.

Other farming activities – The men are busy with land work – muck spreading, ploughing and drilling as well as spraying.

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 12/03/09

Another busy day here on the farm, what with egg bound quail and pigs looking like farrowing, it’s all go!

Cats – The ferral cat was around today and looked like he had hurt his eye, poor thing. Stripe is putting his paw down more which is good news. He came and sat on my lap this afternoon and Spot came for a friendly nose rub!

Cattle – Am watching out for one of the black cows calving.

Ducks – The ducks seemed to be chased by the guinea fowl in the hut tonight but then they all settled down. Got 6 duck eggs again.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl are heading back to the hut later now so I can put them away between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Guinea Pig – I haven’t moved Guiness yet as he lives close to the back door and I think I will miss him calling out when I open the door and also I want to move him early in the morning so that I can keep an eye on how the 13 quail in the aviary react to the guinea pig hut going into their aviary.

Hens – Got 3 hen eggs today. I am now down to 10 hens, 9 adopted brown hens and 1 leghorn called Hatty

Pigs – Have moved Cagney and Lacy into the farrowing barn as Farmer Terry thought that Cagney was going to farrow, I’m not sure myself!!

Quail – Had an egg bound quail today but unforunately she didn’t make it which was very upsetting. Took an order for 10 boxes of quail eggs for The Pipe and Glass at South Dalton.

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 10/03/09

Cats – Have postponed taking Stripe to the vet as this may cause him too much stress. He is still limping but eating well and can get around. We had a big cuddle this morning and he sat on my knee for a good 20 minutes.

Cattle – Farmer Steve and Farmer Terry hadn’t finished mucking out the fold yard the other week so finished mucking out.

Ducks – Got 6 duck eggs this morning and packaged them up for Northamptonshire for hatching.

Guinea Fowl – It is sunny here today so the guinea fowl have enjoyed dust bathing in the sun. I have been sent some photos of MeliaMary’s guinea fowl keets in Australia and Mary-Jayne’s guinea fowl keets in South Africa so keep checking back in to see them. In the meantime go to the forum to catch up on their guinea fowl.

Guinea Pig – Guiness has had some fresh straw today and he enjoys hiding in it.

Hens – Got one hen egg in a pile of straw as I was bedding up the farrowing barn for the imminent farrowing of my sows. Got another egg in the old duck hut and one outside the quail hut where the bottom fell out of  the poultry feed sack. We know what that hen was doing when she laid her egg! The poorly hen from yesterday passed away today poor thing.

Pigs – Did a big muck out of the pigs and got the farrowing barn ready. I got up early this morning to check the sows and have been doing so throughout the day and will do so throughout the night.

Quail – Took 6 boxes of quail eggs to Langlands farmshop and helped a quail this morning with a prolapse, no sign of the prolapse tonight. Gave the quail some more straw and they are loving it.

Other Farming Activities – Mucking out fold yard and heifer passage. Packaged up 5 vintage tractor engineer  DVD’s this morning and took another two orders.

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 09/03/09

Cats – All the cats were eating together and being friendly to one another today. The ferral cat hasn’t been around for a few days.

Cattle – Farmer Terry took the heifers to market today and unfortunately the price of beef has dropped.

Ducks – The ducks enjoy running about all day. Got 6 duck eggs this morning.

Guinea Fowl – At lunch time I went to the kitchen to make my lunch and looked out the window to see a guinea fowl standing on the roof of Farmer Ian’s van and one on top of the dustbin. I took a photo of them and then they flew down!

Guinea Pig – I am hoping to move the guinea pig hut tomorrow.

Hens – Got two hen eggs this morning and one was broken. One of the hens is not too well. They are older hens and some of them are dashing about and laying eggs well and others are showing their age unfortunately.

Pigs – My mother and father in law said that the liver I gave them was delicious. Cagney and Lacy may farrow soon so I am going to go and check them before bedtime.

Quail – Got 30 eggs tonight from the quail hut and took an order for quail eggs from Langlands farmshop which I will deliver tomorrow.

Other Farming Activities – Farmer Steve and Farmer Ian went to a meeting this morning about use of chemicals. This afternoon Farmer Steve was digging a dyke. Farmer Terry went to market with 3 heifers this morning and then sawed logs this afternoon.

Daily Farm Update At Farmingfriends 08/03/09

Cats – Have been trying to look at Stripe’s paws to see if there is anything wrong with his foot.

Cattle – Three heifers have been put in one of the pens so that they are easy to laod for market tomorrow.

Ducks – The ducks are enjoying the wet weather and spashing about in the puddles! Got 6 duck eggs again.

Guinea Fowl – The guinea fowl try to take shelter when it rains or snows heavily.This afternoon it snowed quite heavily and I dashed out to get the guinea fowl and hens in and then as soon as they were in the hut it stopped snowing!!

Guinea Pig – Gave Guiness half a banana and he really enjoyed it.

Hens – Got to hen eggs and another one was broken in the nest. Wehn I put the ducks away tonight the hens thought it was time to come back out as they had been in the hut since it had snowed.

Pigs – Received a phone call from one of our friends saying that some of the pork that they had from us was delicious and worth a phone call to thank us. How nice is that! We had pork brawn as a roast dinner today and it was delicious.

Quail – The quail came rushing up to me today. I think they thought that I might have some vegetables.