Sunrise On The Farm

The hubby was up very early on Monday and managed to capture a beautiful sunrise. You can just see the tops of the houses of the village silhouetted in the first photograph and the shapes of the trees looks fabulous. We are very lucky to live on our family farm and see such stunning views … Read more

Busy Day On The Farm

Had a really busy day here on the farm getting ready for a weekend away. I have moved the sows and piglets from the farrowing barn into their normal pig barn and mucked out two pig barns and moved the seven gilts. I have given both poultry huts a Spring clean with lots of new … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 12/03/09

Another busy day here on the farm, what with egg bound quail and pigs looking like farrowing, it’s all go! Cats – The ferral cat was around today and looked like he had hurt his eye, poor thing. Stripe is putting his paw down more which is good news. He came and sat on my … Read more

Daily Farm Update At Farming Friends 09/03/09

Cats – All the cats were eating together and being friendly to one another today. The ferral cat hasn’t been around for a few days. Cattle – Farmer Terry took the heifers to market today and unfortunately the price of beef has dropped. Ducks – The ducks enjoy running about all day. Got 6 duck … Read more