Duck With a Limp

I am often asked about what may have caused a duck to limp. It can be quite common for a duck to have a limp, as quite a few of the members on the farmingfriends duck forum have had a duck with a limp. Reasons for a duck limping: It can sometimes be due to … Read more

Helping Weak Khaki Campbell Duckling

Jim sent an email asking for some advice about his newly hatched duckling who was very weak. “hi Sara Just a quick question, one of the ducklings that has hatched cant seem to stand up, hes flapping his little wings and his legs seem very strong, he wasnt help out of the egg although it … Read more

Limping Ducks

I am often asked what to do about a limping duck. Check the leg, if the duck will let you, for signs of cuts or infection as untreated wounds can lead to bumblefoot. Check for any lumps or calluses on the ducks feet. If no signs of injury, lumps or calluses then give the duck … Read more

Advice When Duck Is Limping

I was emailed by a farmingfriends friend asking for advice about her duck who has started limping. Hi Sara I have not been on the website for a while but my duckling pictures are on your Duck Gallery.  sox my black and white duck (supposedly a khaki but obviously not) started limping yesterday afternoon.  All … Read more