Candling Duck Eggs

I have been asked about candling duck eggs. I haven’t candled eggs myself before but I think it is a good idea so that you can check the eggs are fertile, see the development of the embryo and discard any infertile eggs. I have read that it is ok to candle duck eggs from day … Read more

Colour Of Duck Eggs

Well I now have a real mix of ducks and drake here on the farmingfriends farm! I have 11 khaki campbells (2 drakes and 9 ducks – one is a doubled breasted khaki) They lay white eggs. I have a pair of magpie ducks (1 drake & 1 duck) and I think they lay blue/green … Read more

Ducks Eggs Can Be Eaten

I am often asked if you can eat duck eggs. The answer is definately yes. Duck eggs can be used in the same way as hen eggs. They are particularly good for: omelettes pancakes poaching scrambling If you enjoy a fry up or a boiled egg for breakfast then a duck egg is a good … Read more

Broken Duck Eggs

Why do you sometimes go into the duck hut and find that the duck eggs are broken? Do the ducks break the eggs, does the egg get broken when it is laid due to where it is laid, eg the egg hits the wooden nest box, does a predator get in and break the egg, … Read more

Double Yolked Eggs

A double yolked egg is an egg that has two yolks. It is caused by two eggs separating from the ovary at the same time and joining into one egg. Double yolked eggs can be fairly rare. They are sometimes produced by pullets in their first year of laying. Double yolked eggs can be produced … Read more