Are Duck Eggs Good To Eat?

Duck eggs are great for creating many egg dishes especially as they are larger eggs and have large yolks. Duck eggs are great for: Making lemon curd. Baking cakes. Scrambling. Poaching. Making omelettes. Frying for a cooked breakfast or egg and chips. Making quiches. Hard Boiling for picnics and packed lunches. Soft boiled eggs and soldiers! Making … Read more

When Do Ducks Start To Lay

Generally domestic ducks start to lay around 21 to 26 weeks of age. Although ducks will lay anywhere they can be trained to lay in low nest boxes especially if you place some pot eggs in the box. Plenty of straw which is changed frequently will help to keep the eggs clean once they start … Read more

Clean Duck Eggs

I am trying to make sure that the eggs laid by my ducks stay clean until I collect them in the morning. Ducks lay eggs early in the morning so when it’s time to get the ducks out of their hut the eggs have already usually been laid.   I am hoping to start to … Read more

Are Duck Eggs Safe To Eat?

Duck eggs are safe to eat and are especially good for baking as they are larger and if your ducks can free range the yolks are richer from the grazing making the baking lovely. Duck eggs have suffered in the past from a reputation of being a high risk salmonella carrier but I have read … Read more

Duck Only Sitting On Eggs At Night

I have a white Pekin duck(female) amd a brown male duck of unknown origin. The female recently layed 9 eggs in a nest she made in the doghouse. She sits on them every night but goes away in the day. Is there any chance of the eggs hatching? I think it is odd that she … Read more