Will Concrete Flooring Or 1/2″ Chicken Mesh Hurt Ducks Feet?

I have been asked if concrete flooring or 1/2″ chicken mesh will hurt ducks feet. I live in an area with alot of raccoons….and due to lack of forage, have to move the duck pen around alot….Will it hurt them to walk on 1/2″chicken mesh and concrete?? Linda I know that concrete can give them … Read more

Plants For Duck Pens

I have been reading that the following plants are good to plant in a duck pen. Sedge grass, Montbretia, Ornamental grasses, including pampas and ferns, Evergreen shrubs Dwarf varieties Evergreen plants such as: Cotoneaster, Eleagnus, Pyracantha, Berberis, Rhododendron, Pieris ‘Forest Flame’, Small ground cover plants such as: Periwinkle, Potentilla, Rock Rose, Heathers, Hostas. The source … Read more