Helping Weak Khaki Campbell Duckling

Jim sent an email asking for some advice about his newly hatched duckling who was very weak. “hi Sara Just a quick question, one of the ducklings that has hatched cant seem to stand up, hes flapping his little wings and his legs seem very strong, he wasnt help out of the egg although it … Read more

Duck Treats

I have been sent an email from Jim asking about duck treats, “Hi Sara, I have a question…we have two runner ducks that were abandoned…we gave them a garden spot to live thinking we only needed to worry about coyotes….my wife was on the way to feed our dogs…and heard a commotion…upon investigation she saw … Read more

Identifying Gender Of Khaki Campbell Ducklings

It is difficult to guess what gender a duckling is just by looking at the duckling but my ‘farmingfriends’ friend Maureen has challenged me to take a guess at the gender of her three ducklings named Treacle, Toffee and Fudge. ‘Hi Sara, as someone far more knowlegable than me, how do you fancy taking a … Read more