Incubating, Hatching & Raising Ducklings eBook Coming Soon

I am delighted to announce that the Incubating, Hatching And Raising Ducklings eBook will be coming soon. Incubating, Hatching And Raising Ducklings eBook will provide you with information about: reasons for keeping ducks, ways to start rearing ducks, choosing and storing duck eggs, incubating duck eggs and incubator settings, candling the eggs, hatching duck eggs, … Read more

Ducklings Chirping In Shell

It is always a good sign to hear a duckling chirping in the shell as it means that the duckling will soon be hatching. I’m hatching cayuga duck eggs for the first time in a home incubator,their at 26 days and I can hear one chirping from inside the egg quite a lot,does this mean … Read more

Newly Hatched Duckling Just Sleeps

The hatching process takes alot out of a duckling which is not surprising when they have to break through the hard shell of the egg. I helped my duckling but it just sleeps there and when i put it in the brooder the other duck pecks it. I dont know what to do. ive separated … Read more

Customers Khaki Campbell Duck Eggs Hatch Out

I was delighted to receive an email from Roz this morning letting me know that the khaki campbell duck eggs that she bought from me hatched out yesterday. Hi Sara Just wanted to let you know we have successfully hatched 5 of the ducklings, early yesterday morning (27th) in fact, we heard one of them … Read more