British Egg Week

I have just learnt that British Egg Week starts today! New research commissioned for British Egg Week (5-11 October 2009) shows that people spend on average just eight minutes having breakfast today  which is half the time they spent 20 years ago (15 minutes). Although eggs are a favourite for most people, the nation struggles … Read more

Broken Duck Eggs

Why do you sometimes go into the duck hut and find that the duck eggs are broken? Do the ducks break the eggs, does the egg get broken when it is laid due to where it is laid, eg the egg hits the wooden nest box, does a predator get in and break the egg, … Read more

Recipes Using Eggs

Having hens, ducks, guinea fowl and quail on the farm, means that we regularly have an abundance of eggs to use up. Here is a list of recipes using eggs: Asparagus And Soft Boiled Guinea Fowl Eggs Recipe Avocado And Egg Mayonnaise Blueberry Baked French Toast Recipe From Helene At Once Upon A Pine Cauliflower … Read more