Tips For Using An Ostrich Egg

Did you know that one ostrich egg is equivalent to about 32 hens eggs!  You can blow the contents of the egg out so you can decorate the shell, then whisk the eggy bit, put it into a 32 section ice tray,  freeze it  & take one section out at a time for your breakfast!!

Double Yolked Eggs

A double yolked egg is an egg that has two yolks. It is caused by two eggs separating from the ovary at the same time and joining into one egg. Double yolked eggs can be fairly rare. They are sometimes produced by pullets in their first year of laying. Double yolked eggs can be produced … Read more

Asparagus And Soft Boiled Guinea Fowl Eggs Recipe

I have a glut of guinea fowl eggs which are delicious soft boiled, and in fact my favourite soft boiled egg. My friends over @ TopVeg suggested that I try serving asparagus with soft boiled guinea fowl eggs so here is the recipe. Ingredients Bunch of asparagus tips. (5/6 per person) Bread for toasting. (2 … Read more

Mini Scotch Eggs With Quail Eggs

As the weather brightens up, a great way to beat the credit crunch and blow the doom and gloom from our thoughts, is to head out into the beautiful countryside with a picnic filled with lovely homemade treats including mini scotch eggs. I have never made scotch eggs before, let alone mini scotch eggs, but … Read more

Chocolate Mousse From Sandra of Perilla

My involvement with Countryside Connection, a rural networking website run by Helene, has lead me to make; new acquiantances and friendships, links with interesting websites and gain some excellent recipes to feature here on farmingfriends. Sandra Morton of Perilla, a company selling the finest quality British Alpaca socks and accessories which look so comfortable, warm … Read more

Why Do Quail Move And Crack Their Eggs?

I received an interesting comment enquiring why quail move and crack their eggs. My quail have recently laid eggs. but they seem to move the eggs around and most of them cracks. what should I do. I surpose to have 5 eggs but the quail have crack 3 of them. what is happening? Carrie. Hi Carrie, Welcome … Read more