Embden Geese Photographs

One of my farmingfriends forum members, Mama lives in France and has embden geese. Mama has kindly sent in some photos of her geese so we can see what embden geese look like as another one of our members, Michael was not sure if his geese are embden. Here are Mama’s embden geese. Mama is … Read more

Embden Goose Nest

I have been kindly sent some photos of an embden goose nest. “My goose( Grace) has made a beautiful nest and has continued to lay. Would anyone like a pic of the nest? I have taken eggs from Sally my other goose to fill Grace’s nest, hoping to turn Grace broody. There are 9 in … Read more

Embden Geese

Embden geese are a heavy breed of goose. They are large birds with orange beaks. They have pure white feathers. Embden geese are a good meat breed. They grow rapidly and mature early. Egg production averages 35-40 eggs per bird. Embden geese are good egg setters. They produce white eggs. Embden geese are good foragers. … Read more