Katie’s Kunekune Piglets

Katie is a member of the farmingfriends forum and a reader of the farmingfriends website. Katie contacted me back in August and introduced me to her Kunekune pigs, Coleen, Wayne and Mable. Katie was unsure if Coleen was pregnant and it later turned out that she hadn’t been but she did finally get served by … Read more Katie’s Kunekune Piglets

David’s News From Cyprus – Grape Harvest Affected

David lives in Cyprus  and is a farmingfriends friend who has been corresponding with me since the end of last year. I am always keen to read about life in Cyprus on the Troodos Mountains particularly as I have visited the Troodos mountains, so here is David’s fifth letter to me: Hi Sara and all … Read more David’s News From Cyprus – Grape Harvest Affected

Photos Of Christina’s Ducklings

I love to hear from other smallholder’s, farmers and animal lovers and it is especially nice when I get sent photos. Here are Christina’s ducklings only about a week old in the brooder. Here are the ducklings enjoying time outside in garden in their outdoor pen. Here is the beginnings of the pond for the … Read more Photos Of Christina’s Ducklings

Sallie’s Golden Pheasant Chicks

Sallie is a “farmingfriends” friend who I have made friends with since she visited my website to find out about splayed legs in quail. Sallie keeps quail and pheasants and I have enjoyed seeing the photos of the chicks and hearing about their progress and learning about the differences in the breeds. Dear Sara,   … Read more Sallie’s Golden Pheasant Chicks

Customer’s Duck Eggs Hatch Out For School Nursery

I was delighted to hear from one of my customers, Heather, who bought six duck eggs for hatching back at the beginning of June. “Just letting you know that 3 of the 6 eggs hatched on Tuesday 30th June. They are gorgeous. All the school children are thrilled to bits with them, all the classes … Read more Customer’s Duck Eggs Hatch Out For School Nursery